President’s Prize
Pasquelle van der Jagt
Diffusion tensor MRI and tractography of the sacral plexus and its branching nerves; feasibility and initial results

Pre-clinical Oral Presentation

Gautham Ullas

The action of linezolid and linezolid-rifampicin combination on biofilm in VP shunts; an in vitro study

Clinical Oral Presentation

Janani Krishnan

Suprahepatic placement of VP shunt – a safe haven in cases of recurrent abdominal end blockage

Pre-clinical Poster Presentation

Emilia Carmona-Calero

The choroid plexuses and subcommissural organ – immunohistochemical study in the human embryonic brain and hydrocephalus

Clinical Poster Presentation

Matthew Buckley

Navigational abilities of individuals with hydrocephalus – a pilot study