The 63rd Annual Meeting of our Society was held in La Laguna, Canarias on 26-29 June 2019.

This year’s meeting continued our traditional focus and personable approach. The program focused mainly on research in hydrocephalus, neural tube defects, and spina bifida, with the days and times designated for each topic contingent upon the abstracts submitted. Leisure time was provided to visit Tenerife Island and enjoy its rich gastronomy, and special sessions were planned on brain development and transitional care for patients with hydrocephalus and spina bifida. Historically, the Canary Islands have been a meeting point between Europe, Africa, and America; therefore, Tenerife was the perfect location to bring together international knowledge about hydrocephalus and spina bifida.

The main scientific program provided four special session on:

  1. Origins of Hydrocephalus and Its Outcomes in the Present , with Prof. Victor Garcia, PhD, MD, and Prof David D. Limbrick, Jr., PhD, MD as invited speakers.
  2. Transitional Care and Social Integration with Ampar Cuxart Fina, PhD, MD “Spina bifida beyond childhood”.
  3. Physiopathology in Hydrocephalus and Brain Development, with Prof. Esteban Rodriguez, PHD,MD and Prof. Gundela Meyer PHD,MD.
  4. Innovative Device Technology, Investigative Platforms and the Evolving Regulatory Landscape. 

Hosts at La Laguna University:

  • Agustin Castaneyra-Perdomo, MD, PhD – Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences,  University  of La Laguna

  • Leandro Castaneyra-Ruiz, PhD – Postdoctoral Research Associate at Washington University in St. Louis, USA, and member of the board of the SRSHB

Members of the local organizing committee at La Laguna University:

  • Emilia M. Carmona-Calero, MD, PhD – Neuroanatomist, full professor in Anatomy and embryology at La Laguna University

  • Ibrahim Gonzalez-Marrero, PhD – Neuroanatomist, assistant professor in Anatomy and embryology at La Laguna University.

  • Lius G. Hernandez-Abad, MS – PhD student at La Laguna University.

  • Victor Garcia-Marin MD, PhD –Professor of Neurosurgery and  Chief of the surgery  department at Canary University Hospital 

  • Liberto Brage-Martin, MD – Neurosurgeon at Canary University Hospital

  • Maria Dolores Mejias – Secretary of the Alumni Foundation of ULL

Please click on the link below to see the preliminary program:

Program of the 63rd SRHSB Annual Meeting

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Norman and Margaret Guthkelch Award 

The Norman and Margaret Guthkelch Award is a prize of 1500 GBP to be received by a student in training for a postgraduate degree or new investigators within 5 years of the award of their MD/PhD degree and who are interested in research on hydrocephalus and neural tube defects including spina bifida.

 Participants wishing to be considered for the Norman and Margaret Guthkelch Award must submit their abstract along with a short application that includes a short personal statement describing the applicant motivation and interest in hydrocephalus and/or spina bifida research, short- and long-term professional goals, interest and/or involvement in the SRHSB, and any other topics that should be considered in the judging.

Notifications of abstract acceptance and determination of the Guthkelch Award finalists will be made as soon as possible, but no later than March 15th, 2019.

Abstract submission is now closed.